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About the Ty Cobb Museum Advisory Board

       "I am very proud of the awesome staff that I work with on a daily basis," said Wesley Fricks, museum's Executive Director, "the level of professionalism and dedication that they exemplify makes us the best the business has to offer."

TCM Advisory Board Member

       Baker is a writer and reporter living in his native Atlanta. He covers politics, business and other news-worthy items around the metro region and the state of Georgia more broadly. Seen in James Magazine and regularly on Insider Advantage, his work focuses on keeping Georgians informed about what impacts them from state lawmakers to city council to their local businesses.

       He also runs That’s Just Peachy, a website dedicated to connecting Georgians to news from across the state that may often be overlooked. Georgia is an amazingly diverse state - economically, geographically and demographically – and That’s Just Peachy aims to be a place where that can come together.

       Baker also worked for several years in the utility industry and at an executive consultancy in the Atlanta area. He grew up just outside Atlanta in Alpharetta but traces his roots back to Royston, where his grandfather grew up with a large extended family - that included Bonds and Carters - before moving his family to build a poultry business in Dahlonega in the 1940’s.

       Though no longer having any living family in Royston, he has remained interested in the region and in Ty Cobb in particular. A baseball lover, the numbers 4,191 and .367 are entrenched in his mind.

       His great-great aunt was once a love interest of school boy-era Ty Cobb. His namesake and great-great grandfather – D.A. Baker – was an employer of a young Ty Cobb, and his family cemetery plot is adjacent to the Cobb mausoleum. As a boy, being fascinated by Cobb, it was an imposing presence.

       Baker graduated from the University of Richmond in History and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Economics. He is on the Board of the Ty Cobb Museum, is an active member of many civic groups in Atlanta and loves living in Grant Park near the zoo in Atlanta with his wife and various furry family members. 

      Sharon Brown was born in Franklin County in 1944. She was married for over 50 years to Mr. Grady H. Brown of Hart County. Sharon has two children Robyn B. Moon and Mark K. Brown. She has 4 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.
Leah McCall joined the Ty Cobb Museum in November 2017. 
     Leah holds a Bachelor's Degree from Limestone College, and a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Concordia University.