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Executive Director

Wesley Fricks was born in Atlanta in 1971 and moved to Royston, Georgia in 1974. He grew up on Cobb St., blocks away from the old Cobb home place.

He got involved on the ground floor of the creation of the TY COBB Museum in January 1998. Wesley worked six months with Museum Director and Planning and Development Committee to establish this memorial to baseball’s most celebrated athlete.

He was slated to be the Keynote Speaker at the opening ceremonies on July 17th until Phil Neikro’s services was secured. It was the year Neikro was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. He continued to work with the new Committee established, the TY COBB Advisory Committee, to continue to upgrade and enhance the material inside the Museum.
Wesley Fricks gives a presentation on Ty Cobb and his association with Southern Association's Earl Mann, who was an enthusiatic Cobb supporter.

That presentation was part of the Eleventh Annual Southern Association Baseball Conference hosted by the Friends of Rickwood Field from Birmingham, Alabama.

The conference was held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Atlanta on March 1, 2014.
In 2003, the TY COBB Educational Foundation was celebrating fifty years of giving scholarships to needy Georgia students. They were interested in getting a display in our Museum. Wesley was asked to work with a team to provide this outlet for the TCEF to get some exposure. He was asked to write a video script with only three days to get it done. He scored and scored big with his creation of the TCEF DVD video that is a wonderful addition to the Museum. Wesley was the keynote speaker at the Museum’s October 2003 unveiling of the TCEF display.
He also designed the baseball card that was released on the same day. His contribution to the TY COBB Museum has been tireless and energetic. Wesley has been a pillar of strength for TY COBB’s legacy over the last decade, participating in baseball symposiums, television shows, and was even asked by Major League Baseball Productions for an interview at Turner Field in Atlanta to be on Baseball’s All-Century Team video in 1999.

He was interviewed again at Turner Field in 2002 for Turner South’s Liars & Legends show that featured TY COBB. Wesley has continued to do follow up with people from all over the country who contact the Museum for various purposes. His professionalism and knowledge of Ty Cobb baseball during that era has made a significant impact on what we do at the Museum.

On June 1, 2017, Wesley took over as Executive Director of the Ty Cobb Museum and led efforts to relaunch the museum on a national level.

On January 13, he unveiled an new logo more reconizable with American with the red, white and blue colors and a the famous photo, widely used by the city of Royston, of him rounding third base whitened out in the iconic logo.

On February 9, he released a new and revamped museum brochure with more of a historian's presence with quotes from Ty Cobb's former manager and owner of the Detroit Tigers and from close friends Eddie Collins and Casey Stengel.